built in 1808 - 

opened to guests in 2016

"Riverledge Farm will celebrate its 211th birthday this year.  211 years of hard work, life, breath, and history...

While lost somewhere in the Green Mountains of southern Vermont, I stumbled across a lovely stone fence that looked absolutely ancient.  Further down the road, I spotted a pond followed by a small apple orchard lining an adjacent field.  Beyond that, and what caught my eye the most, was a beautiful red barn accompanied by a rambling white farmhouse.  

Driving slowly past the property, I spotted a “For Sale” sign.  Trying to reach my destination on time, I tucked that tippet in my mind and kept on driving.  Coming back to look was something I might do someday, when I had time. 

An hour later, still lost and trying to find a hint of civilization, I drove past the same Farm again. Thirsty, I parked beside the brook to rinse my hands and take a drink. Stretching my legs, I crossed the road and picked up a brochure.  It couldn't hurt just to take a peak.  After looking over the details of the property, I said to myself, 'Yep, that’s what I thought, can’t afford this place.'    

A property like this is a significant investment both financially and in the amount of commitment it requires.  Time, energy, ideas, hard work, frustration - my mind provided all the reasons not to even consider trying to buy the Farm.  But those reasons arrived too late:  my heart was already gone.  I may have thought I couldn't have this place, but the place had me.

Fast forward through months of research, and armed with knowledge, wisdom, and a dose of courage, I took a chance and stepped out of my comfort zone.  I purchased the property in early 2016.  

Since then, I have had the privilege to maintain this beautiful piece of land.  I am learning everyday about being a part of something bigger than myself. 

You see, Riverledge Farm's beauty speaks to the human heart. 

Our purpose here at the Farm is to create lifelong memories. Weddings, retreats, fundraisers, reunions…the choice is yours! We would love to help you plan and execute an unforgettable moment in time that is tailored to your vision and your dreams. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Dream big, dear friend. I know I am.

We truly look forward to seeing you."

-Lisa Smith